WTF Candles – From Great Scents To Non-Sense!

My wife and I burn a candle in our home on occasion. We don’t do it for “special” occasions, we do it because we just feel like having a nice scent around our home. Now fellas, if you want a one-way ticket to the dog house while laughing your butts off, the WTF Candle is it. You see, the WTF Candle is just like any candles. You light it up and enjoy the beautiful scent it gives off. But with this particular candle, after the first three to four hours, strange things start to occur. That Red Rose candle starts to smell like a Sweaty Ass. That Apple Pie is not a toxic Fart candle. The Clean Laundry Candle takes a turn for the worse and is now Dirty Socks. The pleasant Baby Powder Candle ends up smelling like a disgusting Dirty Diaper Candle. And the Coffee Candle ends up smelling like Stank Breath Candle. How awesome are these candles? Perfect to target your ex-boss, current boss, co-workers, ex-significant others, and so on. Available for purchase at the Grommet for only $11.95.





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