USB Forehead And Neck Cooler – Would You Wear It?

There are a lot of silly devices out there which may have useful purposes but just look really silly. The USB Forehead and Neck Cooler is definitely one of those devices that will make the user look like a complete tool! The “personal cooler” gadget is intended to keep your forehead or neck cool in times of heat but it just looks wrong. The cooler is attached to an elastic band that you wear around the back of your neck or on your forehead to help keep you cool in hot conditions. The device is powered by USB so perfect while under pressure at the office! The USB Cooler will keep your neck or forehead at a steady 22 degrees (72 Fahrenheit).

At least the band is adjustable so it can be attached to other parts of your body. Use your imagination as the cord is 47-inches long!! The USB Forehead and Neck Cooler is available for $77.

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