Stainless Square – Innovative Water Bottle

What don’t you like about the traditional water bottle? For me, if I drink something other than water than cleaning the base of it is a bit problematic. It’s hard to reach down there and clean it properly. With the Stainless Square, they take care of this exact problem but they also address something that never really bothered me or even thought about. I never thought the shape of the water bottle was a problem but the folks over at Clean Bottle thought it was a problem so they created the Stainless Square. The way they see it, it you ever drop the bottle it won’t roll away! Interesting eh? It will also fit most cup holders which is always nice.

The Stainless Square is made using high grade stainless steel and features a wide ergonomic handle for comfort. They even went a step further and put on a finish that will keep away fingerprints and smudges. And now to the issue that bothers me about most water bottles, cleaning the inner base. This bottle has a removable bottom so cleaning it thoroughly will never be an issue again!  No more mold and mildew! The Stainless Steel square water bottle is kind of pricey though at $44.95 Clean Bottle.

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