Smart Breakfast Master – Easy Morning Meals

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and sometimes, it can also be the messiest meal of the day depending on what’s on the menu. Cereal is easy but probably not the healthiest option out there. The Smart Breakfast Master by SMA is here to help you out. This gadget is an all-in-one cooking machine which reduces the mess making your stay in the kitchen a short one. The Smart Breakfast Master is a frying pan, it’s a toaster, it’s a boiler, it’s a steamer, and it’s even a poacher. The toasting aspect allows for nice and thick slices of bread toasted to perfection while the boiler can cook up to six eggs at once. For poaching purposes, it will allow for three eggs at once. The frying pan is ideal for just about anything you can think of. The Smart Breakfast Master is available on Amazon for just $119.


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