Is Your Partner Cheating On You? The Smart Mattress Will Know!

Here is a question that you’d normally find on the Maury Povich show: Do you have reason to believe that your partner is cheating on you you? The Smarttress, a Smart Mattress, is a mattress that is designed to catch unfaithful partners. The mattress features a Lover Detection System which includes 24 ultrasonic sensors that are capable of “capturing suspicious movement” and will alert both of the bed owners via a mobile app. The app tracks a full range of stats from speed to intensity and compact. You can even pull up a 3D map of the mattress which will show you exactly which parts of the bed are seeing most of the action. It’s cool and but the creators missed something. You see the cheating partner could just use the sofa, the spare bed, the floor, the other person’s place, the car, or a hotel room to do the deed. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Or maybe this was an April Fools joke? Or maybe they just want to collect your information? Either way, check it out at the Smarttress website.

USB Forehead And Neck Cooler – Would You Wear It?

There are a lot of silly devices out there which may have useful purposes but just look really silly. The USB Forehead and Neck Cooler is definitely one of those devices that will make the user look like a complete tool! The “personal cooler” gadget is intended to keep your forehead or neck cool in times of heat but it just looks wrong. The cooler is attached to an elastic band that you wear around the back of your neck or on your forehead to help keep you cool in hot conditions. The device is powered by USB so perfect while under pressure at the office! The USB Cooler will keep your neck or forehead at a steady 22 degrees (72 Fahrenheit).

At least the band is adjustable so it can be attached to other parts of your body. Use your imagination as the cord is 47-inches long!! The USB Forehead and Neck Cooler is available for $77.

Million Mile Light – Safety Light With No Batteries

The Million Mile Light is a pretty cool little gadget. The device features no batteries and is perfect as a wearable safety light for those evening jogs when it’s dark out. The best part about the Million Mile Light is that it requires no batteries and is completely powered by the energy you create as you run or jog. With each stride you take, a pulse of light is created which is approximately 30 lumens bright and is visible from about 200 meters away. With it’s compact size of 2.5-inches in length, you’ll hardly notice that it’s clipped to you. And it only weighs in at 1.5 ounces. You can even go out in the rain as it has an IPX4 rating it’s weather and splash proof. The Million Mile Light is available on a number of sites including Amazon for only $22.99.

Be Kitchen Smart – G&F CUTShield Kitchen Gloves

When you’re cutting up vegetables and various meats in the kitchen, sometimes your fingers accidentally become the victims. Nobody wants to ruin a day by drawing blood. This can easily be avoided thanks to G&F CUTShield Classic Kitchen Gloves. These gloves keep your hands and fingers safe from cuts and slashes. They are cut resistant and categorized as ‘food grade’ therefore being safe to handle food with. The CUTShield gloves are four times stronger than leather and provide Level 5 (EN388/CE) protection thanks to its cut resistant fiber blend technology. You can also wash them as long as you ‘drip dry’ them. A pair of two will only set you back $9.99 on Amazon. A fantastic price for peace of mind.

Snooperscope – Night Vision Ability For Your Phones

How cool would it be if you could walk through the dark without a flashlight yet have the ability to see most things that are lurking in the darkness of the night? The Snooperscope has the ability to turn your mobile device such as your smart phone or tablet into a night vision camera. Pretty cool, right?  The Snooperscope uses infrared light as a source to allow you to see in low-light and pitch black conditions thanks to special optics. And with the magnets built-in, you can easily attach the scope to either your device, perhaps a helmet, or just carry it in your hand and point in the direction you want to see. Peer-to-peer wifi is used to connect your smart device to the Snooperscope.

The battery it comes with should be good for at least four hours of active use. More details are available on Amazon. The Snooperscope comes in the colors Black, White, Camo, and Hunter. It can be purchased on Amazon for only $159.

Bug Bite Thing – When Bugs Strike

There are many people out there that freak out at the sight of insects. And I can’t really blame them, they looks pretty creepy. Although many of the insects we see are completely harmless to us, there are insects that will leave you in pain or even worse – dead. Next time you get a bug bit (hopefully not a killer bite), better hope you have the Bug Bite Thing on hand. This gadget is designed to ‘suck’ the poison right out! Too bad it doesn’t actually prevent bites. Once you know you’ve been bitten, remove the stinger if it’s still stuck in your skin. Next, you apply the small pump directly over the affected area and give it a few good pumps. As you are pumping, the device is literally sucking out all the poison it can which would otherwise cause discomfort for a few days. If it works, it’s pretty useful for hiking and camping trips. It’s an affordable little gadget at only $10.95 on Amazon.