Smart Breakfast Master – Easy Morning Meals

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and sometimes, it can also be the messiest meal of the day depending on what’s on the menu. Cereal is easy but probably not the healthiest option out there. The Smart Breakfast Master by SMA is here to help you out. This gadget is an all-in-one cooking machine which reduces the mess making your stay in the kitchen a short one. The Smart Breakfast Master is a frying pan, it’s a toaster, it’s a boiler, it’s a steamer, and it’s even a poacher. The toasting aspect allows for nice and thick slices of bread toasted to perfection while the boiler can cook up to six eggs at once. For poaching purposes, it will allow for three eggs at once. The frying pan is ideal for just about anything you can think of. The Smart Breakfast Master is available on Amazon for just $119.


Manliest Leader Vladimir Putin Riding a Bear Action Figure

Action figures were traditionally reserved for comic book heroes and villains but it seems that politicians are also starting to join the ranks of famous action figures. And if you’re going to pick a politician as an action figure, you wouldn’t want a sissy like Donald Trump, a coward like Benjamin Netanyahu, or a deranged lunatic like Hilary Clinton. Vladimir Putin would be the obvious choice and it’s even better than I expected.

The action figure features Vladimir Putin riding a bear and is made from high-quality resin material and hand painted. The action figure sits on a base that’s shaped like the Russian Federation’s territory and painted with colors of its flag. The Vladimir Putin riding a bear action figure measures in at approximately 8.5 inches tall x eight inches long x four inches thick. I would love to buy one these and send it over to Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

The Vladimir Putin riding a bear action figure is available on Amazon for 69.95.

Sexiest Drone Around – The Dildo Drone

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again! Did you ever think that there would come a time when dildos would fly? Well, the Dildo Drone is making history and cumming to a store near you soon. Now women and possibly men (if you’re into this sort of thing) can enjoy hands-free pleasure with a simple push of a button. This flying sex toy is promising women around the globe hands-free masturbation so you can enjoy a beer and a burger at the same time. You simply push a button and the Dildo Drone will fly right to you. I’m wondering if it has advanced cameras and sensors to recognize the “landing strip” and touchdown where it needs to.

Dildo Drone in Action

Is the Dildo Drone for real? Probably not but keep checking the Dildo Drone website for updates. These are the same folks that brought us the Dildo Selfie Stick.

Blink Skateboard By ACTON – Super Light Electric Board

Skateboards are cool and all but it can be an intense workout if you spend an entire day out on your board. If you’re looking to still enjoy a skateboard, have no intention of doing stunts, and want to preserve your energy then the Blink Skateboard by ACTON is the perfect piece of equipment for you. The Blink Skateboard is an all-electric skateboard which is why I mention the blurb about not doing stunts. Not too sure how an electric skateboard would handle such a beating. The Blink Skateboard is supposed to be the lightest electric skateboard around weighing in at only 9 pounds! The skateboard features an 800W electric motor and the board has two different riding modes: Normal and Pro. Normal is for slow speeds while Pro is for going fast. Watch the tutorial video below to see how the Blink Skateboard works.

ACTON’s Blink Skateboard Tutorial

The Blink Skateboard has a top speed of 15mph and a maximum range of six miles! It can support a person weighing up to 220 pounds and it only takes one hour to completely charge the on-board battery. It also has LED lights so you can be seen at night time and it kind of looks cool. More details are available over at the Acton Global website. Each Blink Skateboard will set you back $499, OUCH!

C-1 From Lit Motors – Most Stable Vehicle Around

The C-1 from Lit Motors is probably one of the coolest looking vehicles around. It’s basically a motorcycle that’s enclosed making it more safe, protect you from the elements, and handles amazingly. Although it features only two wheels, the gyroscopes on-board allow the C-1 be very stable and completely upright even when not in motion. And what’s more crazy, the vehicle will remain upright even in a collision! The C-1 will have multiple airbags, seat belts, a steel-reinforced chassis, regenerative braking, and smart phone connectivity. Although a single seater, it can fit a passenger when needed. The C-1 is all-electric and uses a 10kWh battery pack which lets the vehicle travel for up to 200 miles on a single charge. It can also accelerate from 0-60mph in only six seconds while hitting a top speed of over 100mph.

Lit Motors is currently taking deposits for pre-orders and the vehicle is expected to cost $24,000. But I must warn you, the company has been developing this vehicle for many years now. Last time I read about the C-1 from Lit Motors was in 2013 when they expected the vehicle to cost between $12,000 to $16,000 and was supposed to make deliveries in early 2014. So buyer beware of the C-1 by Lit Motors. Is the C-1 by Lit Motors a scam? Most likely not. Lots of major blogs and news networks have featured it but at the end of the day, the vehicle is not on the roads and the company is continuing to take deposits. I think their timeline for prototypes and production needs to be reassessed. Ask lots of questions before making a decision. There, that was my little disclaimer about Lit Motors.

Stainless Square – Innovative Water Bottle

What don’t you like about the traditional water bottle? For me, if I drink something other than water than cleaning the base of it is a bit problematic. It’s hard to reach down there and clean it properly. With the Stainless Square, they take care of this exact problem but they also address something that never really bothered me or even thought about. I never thought the shape of the water bottle was a problem but the folks over at Clean Bottle thought it was a problem so they created the Stainless Square. The way they see it, it you ever drop the bottle it won’t roll away! Interesting eh? It will also fit most cup holders which is always nice.

The Stainless Square is made using high grade stainless steel and features a wide ergonomic handle for comfort. They even went a step further and put on a finish that will keep away fingerprints and smudges. And now to the issue that bothers me about most water bottles, cleaning the inner base. This bottle has a removable bottom so cleaning it thoroughly will never be an issue again!  No more mold and mildew! The Stainless Steel square water bottle is kind of pricey though at $44.95 Clean Bottle.