Is Your Partner Cheating On You? The Smart Mattress Will Know!

Here is a question that you’d normally find on the Maury Povich show: Do you have reason to believe that your partner is cheating on you you? The Smarttress, a Smart Mattress, is a mattress that is designed to catch unfaithful partners. The mattress features a Lover Detection System which includes 24 ultrasonic sensors that are capable of “capturing suspicious movement” and will alert both of the bed owners via a mobile app. The app tracks a full range of stats from speed to intensity and compact. You can even pull up a 3D map of the mattress which will show you exactly which parts of the bed are seeing most of the action. It’s cool and but the creators missed something. You see the cheating partner could just use the sofa, the spare bed, the floor, the other person’s place, the car, or a hotel room to do the deed. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Or maybe this was an April Fools joke? Or maybe they just want to collect your information? Either way, check it out at the Smarttress website.

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