DJI Spark: The Ultimate “Mini” Drone

While there are lots of drones out there, there’s one that’s hit the market that really takes it a step above the rest. Forget big, bulky and complicated drones that take forever to set up and even longer to figure out how to actually use. Don’t even think about transporting those massive things, they’re too hard to just bring with you everywhere. Instead, take a look at this new drone that’s revolutionizing the drone and making it more accessible and easier to use for everyone.

The DJI Spark is a mini drone that encourages you to “seize the moment” and advertises how it will help you push your creative boundaries. So what is it about Spark that makes it so special versus other drones? Well, to start with, it has an incredible camera in itself, meaning you don’t need to attach any cameras or phones to it in order to take the perfect shot. It has a mechanical gimbal, powerful lens, ½.3” sensor and video is ultra smooth with the great image stabilization.

It will also automatically add a layer of shallow depth of field to your photos for a more artistic look.

However, that’s not all this little drone can do. The quick launch feature is pretty cool and means you can simply activate the drone by having it look at you. That’s right, this drone can recognize your face. You then can control with using your hands, a smartphone or a controller. Controlling with your hands is not only super fun but makes it so incredibly easy to use.

When taking images or video, you can use the QuickShot mode, TapFly mode, ActiveTrack (meaning it will follow you so you don’t need to control it and can act naturally).

What if you’ve already taken your video or images? In that case, it comes with four app features automatic editing templates and many filters.

Some other awesome features that make this drone so easy to use for everyone is the return home feature, meaning Spark can return home with sufficient GPS signal at any point. In case of low battery or connection is lost, Spark will fly back to the preset home point and can also sense obstacles in its path.

This is also a great feature if you’re not great at flying yet-as you’re unlikely to collide Spark into anything else.

One last feature of Spark that’s critical is flight protection. The DJI’s GEO system will let you know when you’re in locations that may cause safety concerns such as airports or stadiums. Using a drone is a big responsibility and one that you shouldn’t take lightly.

With so many awesome features, it’s no wonder that Spark is so popular. At just $499, you can get all of this and you can even choose your color from white to pink to yellow, green or more.

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