Bo-taoshi – Capture The Flag Japanese Style

There are lots of sports world-wide that many North Americans have never heard of and one of the more interesting ones I’ve recently come across is Bo-taoshi. It’s a Japanese sport and is somewhat like capture-the-flag game. This particular game is played by cadets at the National Defense Academy of Japan. 150 individuals are involved in the game and each team of 75 vie for control of a large pole. There are 75 defenders and 75 attackers. A team is considered victorious if they are able to lower the pole of the opposing team. The pole starts off perpendicular to the ground or at a 90 degree angle and the team must bring it down to a thirty-degree angle.

Have a look at how intense and hectic the game can become.


Beautiful Journey – Time Lapse Of Container Ship From Vietnam To China

Most humans don’t spend much time out on the water so we never really think of container ships. These ships are extremely important and without them, things would be quite different for us all. Here is an epic time lapse of a container ship making its way from Vietnam to China as well as the loading and unloading process. Slow and steady is how they move but the beauty of time lapse makes things much more tolerable to watch.

The Gunhilde Maersk – 4K Time Lapse by Toby Smith

Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout Our History

No one has the right to tell a woman what type of body she should have. But with that being said, every guy has a personal preference for the type of body he would want on his woman. And the same can be said about women having a preference for men and a specific body type. In the video below, we’ll have a look at the “ideal body type” for a woman through our history. It’s pretty interesting to see the taste of men change over the course of time. Or perhaps the taste didn’t change but the various platforms of media told us what we should like and should not like?


Crosswind Turboprop Airplane Landings

I have had a fascination with aircraft from a very young age and one of my favorite aircraft of all time is the F-86 Sabre. But at the end of the day, if it soars in the sky, I’ll like it. Here is an awesome video by British aviation enthusiast, Flugsnug, who captured some amazing footage of various turboprop aircraft attempting to land at Birmingham Airport in some gusty conditions.

 Amazing Crosswind Airplane Landings

It’s amazing to see the flying skills of these courageous pilots attempting to land in these conditions. Now, picture yourself as the passenger who has never experienced a landing such as this? Can you imagine the fright and adrenaline rush? If I knew I’d be safe, I would totally be down for the experience! How about you?

Will Parkour Help You Escape The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse theme is popular in modern-day television and becoming even more popular with shows such as The Walking Dead. What would you do if such a catastrophic event was to actually take place? Where people die and coming back to “life” as flesh-eating beings with no feelings and all they want to do is feast on you.

If such an event was to take place, your best bet for safety is out in the countryside or a very well fortified home/building which could keep zombies and humans out. There are many steps you can take to help you survive but one of them should be your health. You need to be able to have enough stamina to not only escape but keep running until you are out of sight. Parkour is an awesome way to get out of sticky situations and a sport that should be implemented in your workout regiment. Only problem, better hope the Zombies do not acquire the same skills. Watch the video below.

Using Parkour To Escape From Zombies

Jeep Transforms Vancouver Street Into An Urban Jungle

Jeep has turned a downtown Vancouver street into an awesome urban jungle for its newest commercial. The street in the commercial features a fresh mountain river with boulders and rocks, snowbanks, sand, gravel, moss, lots of forestation, and even wildlife like wolves! Sorry, no bears or beavers to be found!

This was done to shoot a commercial featuring unsuspecting drivers recruited to test drive the all-new Jeep Cherokee. They are asked to follow the navigation on the screen and taken for a sudden and surprise detour by a sudden change of scenery when they reach a wild part of the city.

Obviously Jeep is showing off the off-road capabilities of the vehicle and its adaptation to change in sudden driving conditions. It’s probably the most off-roading most of these Jeeps will ever see.

jeep cherokee