Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames all-black Lounge Chair and Ottoman have a beautiful classic and elegant look to them, yet they’ll feel right at home in the most modern of settings. Made out of Ebony veneer and MCL leather, the set not only look luxurious but it also looks very comfortable to sit in and would stunning edition to any room. The pair is priced at $5,789 and available at Herman Miller.


Ford Mustang Sculpture

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Ford Mustang, to celebrate, Ford hired British artist Robin Bark to create a limited edition sculpture. The handmade sculpture features a 1965 Mustang fastback and is made out of solid aluminum, polished, and signed by the artist. It measures 10” long and weighs over 2 pounds, only 500 will be produced. Price: TBA. [Via]

Limited Edition 50 Years Mustang Sculpture by Robin BarkLimited Edition 50 Years Mustang Sculpture by Robin Bark

JAG Grill BBQ Station

The JAG Grill is perfect for a large gathering, with seating and grilling area for 8 people, the grill offers a large cooking area. There’s a pop-up area in the middle that can be used as a fire pit and coals can be easily spread into each of the 8 individual grilling areas with ease. The grill is 7 feet and 5/8 inches wide and weighs 400 pounds when put together. [Buy It: $2,500]


Noisli App

Noisli is a great little app that creates background ambient sound(s) and colors. Sounds include rain, wind, fire, thunderstorm, and much more; different sounds can be combined to make a personalized scenario and can be saved for later use. There’s also a built-in timer to stop the sound at a predetermined time, great for falling asleep. The Noisli App is available for $0.99 and there’s also a free web version. Via: BTS


Crayon Sculptures

We haven’t played with crayons since we were kids, but Hoang Tran makes a living playing/creating miniature sculptures with them. Tran carves the top of the crayons into sculptures and melts different colors on top of them to give them added details. Lots of different sculptures are available on etsy; you can also get custom made ones. Via: TechBlog

Price: $25 – $325