Sleek Looking Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock

The Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Keyless Door Lock is the perfect way to give your plain looking door a bit of ‘uumph’. This is not only an added security to your current system but it also looks super cool with its black and silver hybrid aluminum and plastic case. Best of all, it can be installed in about 30 minutes by those who have no carpentry and handyman skills. It can be used as a lock for the main entrance to your home or apartment or as added security inside your home to protect certain rooms which may have valuables or dangerous tools that you don’t want kids getting their hands on to. The Samsung SHS-2920 Door Lock also features RFID card access or a LED backlit keypad. Another great feature here is the ability to be notified should someone tamper with the lock. And best of all, the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock is available on Amazon for just $173.

For Lazy Sweepers – Eye-Vac Touchless Stationary Vacuum

You know what’s terrible about sweeping the floor? Having to bend down and collect the dust and especially the final line of dust that just can’t seem to make it onto the dustpan. This is where the Eye-Vac Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum can help and is the perfect solution for homes that feature large areas of wood, tile, and laminate floors. Families with pets and little children should especially love this system. The device has built-in sensors at the base which can detect your broom. Once your broom activates the vacuum, the suction will turn on and everything that you sweep near its ducts will get sucked right up.

The stationary vacuum also has Cyclonic Vacuuming action with HEPA dual filtration which returns clean air back out and it also comes with ‘Lifetime Filters’ which can be easily cleaned and I guess last you a “lifetime”? The bagless canister design also makes it pretty easy to Eye-Vac Touchless Stationary Vacuum is only $119 and available on Amazon.

oombrella – Umbrella That Gives You Weather Reports

Imagine that, an umbrella that actually tells you when it’s going to rain? The oombrella is a smart umbrella that will send you alerts if it’s going to rain and it will also send you notifications if you happen to leave your umbrella behind. The oombrella notification system uses hyper-local weather data and tracking to keep you informed about the current weather situation. Not only is the oombrella a smarty pants but it’s also pretty strong thanks to its well structured ribs which keep it nice and sturdy in windy conditions. The oombrella is currently being crowd funded on Kickstarter and the current preorder price is at €59 but as the number of backers increase, the early bird specials won’t be as special with prices such as €69 and €79. Head over to the oombrella Kickstarter page for more information on the project and developments.

Other cool features include integrated sensors that will tell you the temperature, humidity, pressure, and light. And for those who love taking photos and videos of just about everything, the top of the oombrella umbrella features a screw thread which can be used to install a camera like a GoPro.



Bullet Bluetooth Ear Buds

What I really like about ear buds for my music is that they are compact and discreet. With everything being wireless these days, why not ear buds as well? The Bullet Bluetooth Earpiece + Charging Capsule is the next must have gadget for those who love their tunes on the go. Just keep in mind that this unit is only one earpiece so there are no surprises when the package arrives. This product screams quality and is very light weight weighing in at only 3.5 grams. The device is designed to handle phone calls, features a built-in microphone, and of course listen to audio.

The device uses the latest Bluetooth V4.1 and also has CVC Active Noise Suppression + Echo Cancellation. The Charging Capsule acts as a power bank battery which can fully charge the earbud four times! The Bullet Bluetooth Earpiece is priced at $150 and more details can be found at Schatzii.

National Geographic Series Computerized Telescope

I’m currently in Australian outback and I sure wish I had access to this telescope. The night sky is already amazing to the naked eye but with a telescope, it would be even more epic. Gazing at the stars is one of my favorite things to do if I ever happen to be in an area with little to no light pollution. The night sky is a huge place with distant starts and galaxies and what better way to get a clear picture than this National Geographic Series Computerized 70mm Telescope? The beautiful thing about this telescope is that it comes equipped with a GPS module so it knows exactly where its position is and automatically updates itself. The only thing you need to know is what exactly it is that you’d like to see. Simply punch in the details and the telescope will search its database of 100,000 celestial bodies and point itself to the correct spot in the sky. All you have to do is enjoy the view! If you want, you can always use the device in ‘Manual Mode’. The telescope operates on six AA batteries. The National Geographic Series Computerized 70mm Telescope is available on Amazon for $256.50 which seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Back Hair Problem? baKblade Shaver Can Help!

Are you a sexy hairy beast? That thick coat of hair keeps us nice and warm in the winter months but about during the hot summer months? Unfortunately we don’t shed our coats so we need a little help from the baKblade Bigmouth Back Shaver to get the job done. The baKlade shaver features a patent pending four-inch razor with a safety guard and a long handle to help you reach the most out of reach areas on your back. The safety guard helps with preventing nicks and cuts while the sharp blade mows down that hair with super ease. Watch the demonstration video below to see how well the baKblade really works! Available on Amazon for just $34.95.

baKblade in Action