DJI Spark: The Ultimate “Mini” Drone

While there are lots of drones out there, there’s one that’s hit the market that really takes it a step above the rest. Forget big, bulky and complicated drones that take forever to set up and even longer to figure out how to actually use. Don’t even think about transporting those massive things, they’re too hard to just bring with you everywhere. Instead, take a look at this new drone that’s revolutionizing the drone and making it more accessible and easier to use for everyone.

The DJI Spark is a mini drone that encourages you to “seize the moment” and advertises how it will help you push your creative boundaries. So what is it about Spark that makes it so special versus other drones? Well, to start with, it has an incredible camera in itself, meaning you don’t need to attach any cameras or phones to it in order to take the perfect shot. It has a mechanical gimbal, powerful lens, ½.3” sensor and video is ultra smooth with the great image stabilization.

It will also automatically add a layer of shallow depth of field to your photos for a more artistic look.

However, that’s not all this little drone can do. The quick launch feature is pretty cool and means you can simply activate the drone by having it look at you. That’s right, this drone can recognize your face. You then can control with using your hands, a smartphone or a controller. Controlling with your hands is not only super fun but makes it so incredibly easy to use.

When taking images or video, you can use the QuickShot mode, TapFly mode, ActiveTrack (meaning it will follow you so you don’t need to control it and can act naturally).

What if you’ve already taken your video or images? In that case, it comes with four app features automatic editing templates and many filters.

Some other awesome features that make this drone so easy to use for everyone is the return home feature, meaning Spark can return home with sufficient GPS signal at any point. In case of low battery or connection is lost, Spark will fly back to the preset home point and can also sense obstacles in its path.

This is also a great feature if you’re not great at flying yet-as you’re unlikely to collide Spark into anything else.

One last feature of Spark that’s critical is flight protection. The DJI’s GEO system will let you know when you’re in locations that may cause safety concerns such as airports or stadiums. Using a drone is a big responsibility and one that you shouldn’t take lightly.

With so many awesome features, it’s no wonder that Spark is so popular. At just $499, you can get all of this and you can even choose your color from white to pink to yellow, green or more.

Evapolar – Air Conditioner For Small Spaces

Most people living in apartments and condos don’t have central air conditioners. And the same goes for those living on campus. Some people go for air conditioners that can be placed onto a window but it’s kind of an eye sore and they are big and bulky. So what are we to do? A fan is okay but what if it’s super hot? It’s just moving hot air around. The solution is the Evapolar Air Conditioner, the world’s first personal air conditioner. With the Evapolar, you won’t have to worry about tubes and hoses. The Evapolar with the power of water evaporation which is simple and efficient. The Evapolar allows you to create a personal micro-climate wherever you are and it’s compact enough to put on your bedside table yet still power enough to cool down a 107 square ft room down to 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius).

Besides cooling down the air, this little device also purifies and even humidifies the air. Evaportive nanomaterial used by the Russian military is used here to make the Evapolar compact and powerful. This is up to 12 times more energy efficient than your traditional split system. The Evapolar was crowd funded on Indiegogo and ready to ship this June. The Evapolar is available for $179. Make sure to check it out!

WTF Candles – From Great Scents To Non-Sense!

My wife and I burn a candle in our home on occasion. We don’t do it for “special” occasions, we do it because we just feel like having a nice scent around our home. Now fellas, if you want a one-way ticket to the dog house while laughing your butts off, the WTF Candle is it. You see, the WTF Candle is just like any candles. You light it up and enjoy the beautiful scent it gives off. But with this particular candle, after the first three to four hours, strange things start to occur. That Red Rose candle starts to smell like a Sweaty Ass. That Apple Pie is not a toxic Fart candle. The Clean Laundry Candle takes a turn for the worse and is now Dirty Socks. The pleasant Baby Powder Candle ends up smelling like a disgusting Dirty Diaper Candle. And the Coffee Candle ends up smelling like Stank Breath Candle. How awesome are these candles? Perfect to target your ex-boss, current boss, co-workers, ex-significant others, and so on. Available for purchase at the Grommet for only $11.95.





Smart Breakfast Master – Easy Morning Meals

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and sometimes, it can also be the messiest meal of the day depending on what’s on the menu. Cereal is easy but probably not the healthiest option out there. The Smart Breakfast Master by SMA is here to help you out. This gadget is an all-in-one cooking machine which reduces the mess making your stay in the kitchen a short one. The Smart Breakfast Master is a frying pan, it’s a toaster, it’s a boiler, it’s a steamer, and it’s even a poacher. The toasting aspect allows for nice and thick slices of bread toasted to perfection while the boiler can cook up to six eggs at once. For poaching purposes, it will allow for three eggs at once. The frying pan is ideal for just about anything you can think of. The Smart Breakfast Master is available on Amazon for just $119.


Sexiest Drone Around – The Dildo Drone

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again! Did you ever think that there would come a time when dildos would fly? Well, the Dildo Drone is making history and cumming to a store near you soon. Now women and possibly men (if you’re into this sort of thing) can enjoy hands-free pleasure with a simple push of a button. This flying sex toy is promising women around the globe hands-free masturbation so you can enjoy a beer and a burger at the same time. You simply push a button and the Dildo Drone will fly right to you. I’m wondering if it has advanced cameras and sensors to recognize the “landing strip” and touchdown where it needs to.

Dildo Drone in Action

Is the Dildo Drone for real? Probably not but keep checking the Dildo Drone website for updates. These are the same folks that brought us the Dildo Selfie Stick.

Blink Skateboard By ACTON – Super Light Electric Board

Skateboards are cool and all but it can be an intense workout if you spend an entire day out on your board. If you’re looking to still enjoy a skateboard, have no intention of doing stunts, and want to preserve your energy then the Blink Skateboard by ACTON is the perfect piece of equipment for you. The Blink Skateboard is an all-electric skateboard which is why I mention the blurb about not doing stunts. Not too sure how an electric skateboard would handle such a beating. The Blink Skateboard is supposed to be the lightest electric skateboard around weighing in at only 9 pounds! The skateboard features an 800W electric motor and the board has two different riding modes: Normal and Pro. Normal is for slow speeds while Pro is for going fast. Watch the tutorial video below to see how the Blink Skateboard works.

ACTON’s Blink Skateboard Tutorial

The Blink Skateboard has a top speed of 15mph and a maximum range of six miles! It can support a person weighing up to 220 pounds and it only takes one hour to completely charge the on-board battery. It also has LED lights so you can be seen at night time and it kind of looks cool. More details are available over at the Acton Global website. Each Blink Skateboard will set you back $499, OUCH!