Chocolate Tools

One of the best gifts for Father’s Day, the chocolate tools not only look like real tools but they also taste great; made from Belgian chocolate, you’re dad will love you even more for giving him such thoughtful gift. The tools come in the classic hammer, a Stilson, and an adjustable spanner. Unfortunately they don’t come with an edible toolbox.

Buy It: $23 each


The Super Gorone Desk – Three-In-One

All those who have a laptop are guilty of relaxing in bed while typing away on the computer or watching videos with your significant other. But finding a comfortable position and continuing to keep it there for extended periods of time is quite annoying. Enter the Super Gorone Desk which is designed by Thanko, gadgets maker, in Japan.

The contraption can be used to hold your laptop as a regular stand, a TV dinner tray, and of course it can hold your laptop upside down while in bed. The fram is perfect for laptops of various makes and sizes. It also features a USB-powered fan which helps keep your computer nice and cool. The device can be adjusted to stay in a variety of positions and can be folded flat so you can carry it with you.

Total weight of the Super Gorone Desk is 6.7 lbs while it can hold up to 132 lbs. This interesting invention can be purchased for $128.

OneLess Desk by Heckler Design

The OneLess Desk by Heckler Design is a modern and stylish desk that is perfect for a small office. The desk comes in two pieces, upper and lower deck, with the lower deck designed to slide in when not being used. The desk comes with a tray at the rear for all the cords, routers, and modems. The OneLess Desks come in 7 different colors ranging from the classic black and white to the colorful red, green, and yellow. These desks are priced at $749 for the pair with free shipping within the continental United States. [Buy It]


Unique Relaxation – Verner Panton Living Tower

We all want a unique piece of furniture that’s the focal point in our homes but it’s tough picking the right piece or it’s usually too expensive. I must warn you, the Verner Panton Living Tower is definitely on the expensive side but it’s also one of the coolest pieces of furniture I’ve seen around. The sofa features an organically shaped sculptural piece which can accommodate up to four people. The designer, Verner Panton, designed it back in 1968 while and built in limited numbers the following year in 1969.

Panton passed away in 1998 but Vitra of Germany is bringing it into production featuring a wooden frame and upholstered over foam. I can already picture myself playing with my little nephew and niece on this unique looking Verner Panton Living Tower. Priced at $16,125.

1960's unique sofa

A Cloud Lamp That Makes a Thunderstorm in Your Home

Don’t you love the sound of thunder in the distance? The flash of light… the enduring crackle?

I’ve loved storms as long as I can remember, and now – thanks to the magic of technology – I can have a storm in my very own home. Designer Richard Clarkson has created an amazing “cloud lamp” that looks and sounds like a cloud, and can also be used as a sound system and light show!

Check it out.