C-1 From Lit Motors – Most Stable Vehicle Around

The C-1 from Lit Motors is probably one of the coolest looking vehicles around. It’s basically a motorcycle that’s enclosed making it more safe, protect you from the elements, and handles amazingly. Although it features only two wheels, the gyroscopes on-board allow the C-1 be very stable and completely upright even when not in motion. And what’s more crazy, the vehicle will remain upright even in a collision! The C-1 will have multiple airbags, seat belts, a steel-reinforced chassis, regenerative braking, and smart phone connectivity. Although a single seater, it can fit a passenger when needed. The C-1 is all-electric and uses a 10kWh battery pack which lets the vehicle travel for up to 200 miles on a single charge. It can also accelerate from 0-60mph in only six seconds while hitting a top speed of over 100mph.

Lit Motors is currently taking deposits for pre-orders and the vehicle is expected to cost $24,000. But I must warn you, the company has been developing this vehicle for many years now. Last time I read about the C-1 from Lit Motors was in 2013 when they expected the vehicle to cost between $12,000 to $16,000 and was supposed to make deliveries in early 2014. So buyer beware of the C-1 by Lit Motors. Is the C-1 by Lit Motors a scam? Most likely not. Lots of major blogs and news networks have featured it but at the end of the day, the vehicle is not on the roads and the company is continuing to take deposits. I think their timeline for prototypes and production needs to be reassessed. Ask lots of questions before making a decision. There, that was my little disclaimer about Lit Motors.


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