BMW Urban Racer Concept Motorcycle

Concept cars are a common trend and we see various automakers unveiling their ideas to the masses on what seems like a monthly basis. Motorcycles on the other hand are not quite as common when it comes to new ideas and concepts. I suppose there is more you can do with a car compared to a bike. The BMW Urban Racer Concept motorcycle is the creation of 3D modeler, Jans Slapins.

BMW concept motorcylce

Although not an official BMW project, Slapins did an amazing job at channelling BMW’s aesthetic appeal. The aggressive styling present on the motorcycle is inspired by fighter jets and the power it produces is enough to match its menacing design.

Urban Racer Motorcyle concept

The 1200cc twin cylinder engine produces 115 horsepower while a pair of powerful Brembo brakes helps bring this rocket to a halt. The entire motorcycle is constructed from sleek silver, carbon fiber fenders, and even features a mahogany wood fuel tank.

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