Alien: Isolation – Gameplay Trailer

I’ve covered a lot of great games these past few days, but what I’m most excited about is Alien: Isolation.

Being developed by the fine folks over at Creative Assembly, this new Alien game stars Ellen Ripley’s daughter. That’s all I’m going to say, as the trailer is fantastic and really speaks for itself. I hope you’re ready to get really, really scared.



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One thought on “Alien: Isolation – Gameplay Trailer”

  1. for me i ll give it 20/20
    This game is great, finally a real game Alien. It is fully representative of the film’s atmosphere is clearly present. Graphically it’s pretty and the soundtrack is faithful to the movie.
    The game takes us through the next “Action / infiltration is very immersive and this game seems to be long enough to complete what is a very good thing. For me it deserves full marks for having finally find a real game Alien, it was time.

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