ALFI Wood Burning Fire Hot Tub

Here is something you don’t see everyday in people’s homes, a hot tub heated by lighting up fire wood. The Alfi Fire Hot Tub is a unique looking hot tub that features a wire basket which holds the wood. Wrapped around that wire basket is a metal coil which is used to transfer water from and to the tub. The water enters the bottom of the coil and as it makes its way up the coil, it’s being heated up from the flame, and reenters the tub at the top of the coil. I don’t know how ideal such a tub is in the modern world but definitely something for a remote cabin with no access to electricity. The hot tub features a windscreen that can be attached to block off the heat from the flames should it get too hot.


The hot tub has a 200 gallon water capacity and can take up to two hours to heat up the water if the initial temperature was too cold. The Alfi Fire Hot Tub is available on Amazon and ranges in price between $2,999 and $3,891 depending on the color. [Buy It Now]

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